Proposal – Costa Tropical Properties – May 2019

Please find below your proposed options for your new website:

  • New web site created in WordPress, managed by DIFFERO to be kept up-to-date with the latest security releases.
  • New design (the old design will not be compatible).
  • Purchase new real estate software.
  • Integrate and adapt new software.
  • Transfer properties, photos and agents to the new site attempting to filter out all those spam accounts.
  • SSL and Cloudflare.
  • Support for you and your agents after launch to help get used to the new system (3 months – does not include modifications or major changes).

Timeframe: Estimated turnaround is six to eight weeks.

Ready to proceed?

£1,500: New web site as above. £500 now, £1,000 on completion (optional £500 payments, one now, one on completion and one a month later if easier.).