Proposal – Hurfar – May 2019

Proposal – Hurfar – May 2019

Please find below your proposed options for your new website:

  • New web site created in WordPress, managed by DIFFERO to be kept up-to-date with the latest security releases.
  • New design for home page, services page and contact us page.
  • New content for home page and services page (assuming minor changes for contact us page but anything will be fine).
  • Contact us page to include form protected by invisible Google ReCAPTCHA to reduce spam.
  • Redirect traffic through CloudFlare CDN to reduce loading times.
  • Transfer to a secure connection (https) to conform with new search engine rules.
  • Photographs for the web site of the workshop. We will supply all necessary photographic equipment including additional lighting.

Timeframe: Estimated turnaround is three weeks.

Ready to proceed?

£200: New web site including photo shoot on location.

Design Concept for Home Page